War Without End: The Iraq War in Context

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By Michael Schwartz

In this razor-sharp analysis, TomDispatch.com commentator Michael Schwartz turns every mainstream conclusion about Iraq on its head. He shows how U.S. occupation is fueling civil war in Iraq and beyond, and how U.S. officials dismantled the Iraqi state and economy, helping to destroy rather than rebuild the country.

In a popular style reminiscent of the best writing against the Vietnam War, he punctures the myths used to sell the American public on the idea of an endless “war on terror” centered in Iraq. Schwartz shows how the real U.S. interests in that country were rooted in the geopolitics of oil and the expansion of a neoliberal economic model in the Middle East — and around the globe — at gunpoint.

War Without End also reveals how the failure of the United States in Iraq has forced American planners to fundamentally rethink the imperial dreams driving recent foreign policy.

This book is the third in a series of very successful books published in cooperation with TomDispatch.com, including the New York Times bestseller United States v. George W. Bush et al. by Elizabeth de la Vega (Seven Stories Press).